Here I am attempting to give an example of what generally happens during a homeopathic consultation. All consultations are unique because each patient comes with with different needs and homeopathy treats the entire person, not simply the disease. During every clinic, I endeavor to apply my knowledge of homeopathy with compassion and understanding.

Generally, the first consultation lasts one hour, whereby as much information is gathered about the case as possible. This will focus on the presenting complaint, or the symptoms, or emotions the person is experiencing. I will be looking for blocks which may be causing pain, be it spiritual, emotional or physical. These blocks can be shocks and traumas as they can be held in the body and need releasing.  I will also be looking for reasons why the body has put symptoms in the particular area, as symptoms are there to give a very good indication of where the person or organ of the body is off balance. 
There is almost always a great deal of information to be taken and this can be an emotional process, which is often a very valuable part of the healing process as links may start to be made as to why that person might be experiencing physical and/or emotional problems. During my consultations I often work with the emotional aspect of the disease, to clear the cause of the problem which in turn shifts the person forward in the development and creation of their lives.

Generally speaking, the second consultation is usually about a month from the initial meeting. This gives the remedies an opportunity to bring about change which is then reported back. Second consultations usually last half an hour, but more time  can be booked if necessary.