Australian Bush Essences
She Oak is a flower essence for conception and fertility when there are no physical reasons for conception not to occur. This essence is used when there are troubles conceiving, which is usually combined with other remedies .

Boab is a fascinating essence which breaks family patterns which in turn stops a person or child repeating negative experiences. A wonderful way to use this essence is to put a drop onto the mother's breast just after birth.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces is an essence for many types of  fear. Fear of losing control, panic attacks, temper tantrums, hysteria and phobias. After taking this essence there will be greater emotional balance and calmness even if there is turmoil.

During my homeopathic training at the Lakeland College of Homeopathyin London, UK we studied flower essences to enhance and support our homeopathic prescribing. There are many ranges of flower essences and I was drawn to two ranges, the Australian Bush Essences and The Alaskan Essences. They are totally safe to be used by everyone, people and practitioners alike.

Here are a few examples of flower essences and their common applications



Alaskan Essences
The Alaskan essences are used in much the same way as the Australian Bush Essences, they can be used on their own, in combination with other essences or as a support for homeopathic remedies.

Black Tourmaline is an essence is made from a  mineral and it is used for cleansing and purification. This can be used if a person has taken lots of chemical drugs, or has been in a polluted environment be that physical or emotional. It supports the action of the liver in detoxing and can be used in a mouthwash after the removal of amalgam fillings or topically if there are skin problems.

Tidal Forces is for letting go, be that grief, or an out-dated way of being. It is for then filling the gap with more positive things in life. It helps the person trust that it is ok to let go of old emotions and to feel that 'all loss is gain'

Shooting Star is a flower particularly useful for children and adults who tend to be day-dreamers. It is useful for learning difficulties such as dyslexia and ADHD when a lack of focus is the issue. It is also of use to those who wish to meditate and find it challenging to connect with spiritual guidance.