This is a question worth asking, as this is what we are trying to achieve. I have taken an extract from The Handbook of Healing, Book 1 by Swami Narayani and Swami Anda, which explains the different levels of healing necessary for total health.

"Our birthright is health which is balance of mind, body and soul. A healthy person glows, not only in his vital physical being, but from within, with an inner glow making him different. He leaves behind him a strange "something". His body is healthy, his mind is operating at a positive level and his soul is resting within itself. He is at peace with himself and so with his surroundings and all with whom he comes into contact. Unless your being is in balance at all levels, you cannot attain health in all its fullest and most vital meaning."

I think that we all know of people who 'glow' and who we aspire to be like as they appear to sail through life with ease and grace. During my healing sessions it is my intention is to anchor light into the being, via my hands, which is the start of balancing the mind, the body and the soul. The healing energy starts to disintegrate the blocks held in the body, which will then create better flow for all the body's systems, most importantly, the mind.

Here is another inspirational passage taken from Handbook on Healing, Book 1

"Full rich and abounding health is the normal and the natural condition of life. God never created sickness, suffering and disease. They are man's own creations, and have come through his violating the laws under which he lives. When we are able to do away with all sense of separateness, by living continually in the realisation of the oneness, of the fact that you yourself are one with the Infinite spirit, not only will your bodily ills and weaknesses vanish, but all limitations in our lives will vanish too"

This passage elaborates wonderfully the intention for which homeopathy can increase the levels of health and vitality, as it is a holistic practice, working on the mind, body and spirit as a whole.