The need for good basic nutrition is essential when raising the level of health. We have to be discerning as to what we put into our bodies, via our mouths, as this will have a direct impact on the way in which our bodies function. The complaints and symptoms which we have might simply be due to a bad diet. The example below is the ideal diet, which should be followed on a daily basis to encourage and nurture good health.

In addition to good food, it is essential to drink water, since a lack of water causes chaos in the body resulting in common symptoms such as constipation and joint pain. It should also be noted that the body only wants pure water, which does not include tea, coffee, or fizzy drinks.......If you have a cup of coffee, have a glass of water after - health is all about balance.


The natural PH balance of the human body is 4 parts alkaline to one part acid, which is 80/20. If the body becomes over-acidic, acidity will be 'dumped' away from the vital organs into the joints causing arthritic and rheumatic disease including painful symptoms such as gout, and acid reflux and indigestion. To prevent this, it is essential to eat a properly alkaline  balanced diet so the body has a stronger resistance to disease. Therefore, if  a person is being treated homeopathically , it is beneficial if they maintain a proper diet to assist and accellerate the healing process.

The diet indicated below is a guideline, and remember that any small improvements into your diets will have a direct, positive effect on your physical and mental health. Give it a try, but remember to always be easy on yourself in all ways, as emotions like guilt and anger are negative in their own ways.

The following foods are acid forming, so should make up 20% of your daily diet

meat, poultry and fish
all dairy products with the exception of natural yoghurt
white flour and white flour products
cooked tomato, spinach and asparagus
vinegars, except cider vinegar which is alkaline
acidic fruits, including all citrus fruits and strawberries and rhubarb
nuts, with the exception of almonds and hazelnuts
note that wheat eaten in excess irritates the walls of the small intestine due to high amounts of gluten ( a sticky substance in wheat

The following foods are alkaline forming and should make up 80% of your daily diet

fresh fruit and vegetables, except for those mentioned above. Fruit and veg should not be mixed in the same meal as they are not compatible in the digestive process.
dried figs are highly alkaline
celery, particularly the leaves are highly alkaline
parsley supports the kidneys and aids the elimination of acid
barley, millet, buckwheat, brown rice soothe the intestinal tract. Brown rice and barley are neutral forming.
To support the alkaline process supplement with slippery elm which absorbs excess acid in either powder or tablet form. This is particularly useful at stressful times as the body becomes more acidic at these times.


Further reading
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